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Our Story

My name is Laser Dan and in 2007, I introduced my talents as a graphic artist and laser engraver into the headstone industry. In just 5 short years, I had already sold more headstones than most monument companies sell in their lifetime. That was when I knew we had something special and it was time to partner up with my colleague and best friend, Granite Glenn. Glenn is a master at traditional stone engraving and was such a perfect fit for the company. The Headstone Guys was now complete. Two easy going guys, bending over backwards, making sure our customers are the most important people in the world. We absolutely love this business. More importantly, we love helping people overcome their most complicated problems at the worst possible time in their life.

The Owners

Granite Glenn
Granite Glenn - Owner -
"Carving and climbing granite is in my blood. I love it."
Laser Dan
Laser Dan - Owner -
"Headstones are much more than just a name and a date."

The Staff

Miss Lori
Miss Lori - Customer Support -
"I've heard every question there is in this industry. Let me help you too."
Miss Heidi
Miss Heidi - Customer Support -
"Ask for me personally. I gottcha covered."
The Crew
The Crew - Manufacturing -
"We work rain or shine to make you the perfect stone."
Miss Rebecca
Miss Rebecca - Customer Support -
"I've been serving the funeral industry for 15 years. Now i'm here to help you."

Our Warehouse

Our Supplier is right here in California.
More stone than we know what to do with.
Warehouse 1
Warehouse 2
Warehouse 3
Warehouse 4
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